Getting my ClassFlow on…

I was trawling through education blogs and I came across a link to a site called ClassFlow and thought that sounds interesting…

As I investigated further I thought this could be a great tool to use during my Mathematics extension classes.  A new way to deliver content for myself but also a new way of receiving content for students .  The assessment component also appealed to me.  The cherry on top was I could use my Office365 details to sign in!

Like I do with any new program I jumped straight in and started creating a lesson on the “Draw A Diagram” problem solving strategy.  One and a half hours later I had turned into the incredible tech hulk and was in a midst of tech rage.  For the sake of my laptop I walked away.  The next day I decided to watch the short video tutorials on YouTube and sign up for the ClassFlow support community and this helped me return to normal.  Why didn’t I do this at the beginning???

I finished my lesson in ClassFlow and it was now game time – implementing the lesson with my Year 3 students.  They were so eager to use the program and it was amazing to see how quickly they took to navigating the student site.  Their favourite feature of ClassFlow was completing the practice assessments I set.  They enjoyed the immediate feedback and ability to progress at their own speed.  The feature I liked most about the assessment tool was the data analysis feature.  It was easy to see who had answered the questions, correct responses and what their actual response was.

Needless to say we have been getting our ClassFlow on regularly…

Year 3 engaged in their Classflow lesson.  Make the hulk moments worth while.
Year 3 students engaged in their Classflow lesson. Makes the hulk moments worth while.

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