What we have in common…

Inspired by a tweet from 2016 Alabama Secondary Principal of the Year, Danny Steele

danny steele tweet

I decided I wanted to know what my team thought were the 3 things highly effective teachers have in common.  I changed the descriptor, “best”, to highly effective because “best” can imply that teaching is a competition.  I wanted our team to focus on the qualities highly effective teachers share in common.

At our staff meeting I asked teachers to reflect on:

  • Their own practice – to self reflect on their own pedagogical practice and consider what elements they would describe as highly effective.
  • When they have watched others work.  All the teachers participate in WOW (Watch Others Work) time.
  • Professional learning – readings, courses, professional development and conversations.  What does research indicate as key practices and beliefs of highly effective teachers?

Teachers then shared their reflections with their learning partner.  Following this sharing session, partners needed to narrow their list to three things.  A common question during this activity was “Can we have more than three?”.

Once they had narrowed their list to three, teachers shared it on the collaboration page in our OneNote Staff Notebook.  It became apparent from the lists shared that there were common themes and we could summarise our responses into three main things that highly effective teachers have in common:


It was both inspiring and empowering to know our team puts students at the centre of our planning and decision making, demonstrates a passion for teaching and learning, and reflect on their practice with the aim of continuous improvement.


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